Chartered Accountants & tax advisers & Review Planning and Consultancy .....


The Vision

we don’t just administrate and follow statutory process only, we try to look strategically at ….

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To provide integrated business development services. Everything from the establishment of ….

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Efficient operating systems and streamlined ways of working mean you benefit from cost effective ….

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Our strategy

is set by the management Board and has remained Consistent for some time. It has determined that our overall ambition remains to be one of the best multi-disciplinary professional services firm.

Company Profile

Our three major concepts
Professionalism - Quality - Responsiveness

El Amien Services


El amien provides creative tax advice and services to a broad range of individuals and businesses. Our strong technical understanding of the tax laws is backed by a solid understanding of your business dynamics. – Tax on corporate profits. – Payroll tax and similar. – Stamp duty tax. – Discount and collection under tax calculation ……..


Audit and Assurance

Through our company “El Amien“, you will be in the developmental and evaluation of the control system through which you can provide protection to the assets of the business and to provide confidence in the accounting data and improve production efficiency and verify compliance as required by administrative policy.


Main Advisory Services

– Accounting Advisory Services “BookKeeping” (AAS)
– Transaction and Restructuring Services.
– Financial Systems Advisory Services (FSAS).
– Recruitment & Human Resources (ORHR).
– Taxation Systems Advisory Services (TAS). – Established and procedures.


HR Consulting Services

No company now can face competition without distinctive internal evaluation and human resources, so our role in providing this service is scientifically implemented in practice by our experts. And scope of work of this service: – Restructuring and examine organizational structure and providing the best solutions – Analysis and write job descriptions for each post ……..


El amien was founded in 2006 by MR. Emam Amen (President), El Amien.
Our team has many With more than 20 years experience in the field we are ready for facing challenges.




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